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LON-CAPA is a full-featured course management, learning content management, and assessment system
  • Course Management, for example:
    • posting materials
    • discussions
    • announcements
    • grade book
    • lab scheduling
    • portfolio space
  • Learning Content Management, for example:
    • storing online content for re-usage across courses and semesters
    • managing access rights
  • Assessment, for example:
    • Homework
    • Clickers
    • Tests and Exams

You can run LON-CAPA for free on your own dedicated server, or you can get hosting and support for a fee.


I simply love using LON-CAPA in my classes. I distinctly see improvements in grades and understanding of the material. I think my kids (at least kids who care about their education) like it as well. They clearly see the difference between HW graded by me and HW feedback by LON-CAPA. I replaced only 50% of my HW with Lon-CAPA assignments. and when I grade HW I am strict and not forgiving:, they have no second chance. LON-CAPA (unlike me) is friendly and more forgiving: my students have 10 tries to answer without punishment. I think LON-CAPA teaches kids many skills and provides great opportunities for learning.
- Elena Filippova, Physics teacher, Mamaroneck Union Free School District, Mamaroneck, USA

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