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LON-CAPA for Students

Many students hate LON-CAPA - initially. However, in course evaluations at the end of the semester, it has consistently been cited as one of the most valuable components of the course in terms of helping students learn. This is backed up by data from several studies: grades improved with the introduction of online homework!

The opportunity to practice problem solving, the ability to have several attempts at getting the correct solution, and the immediate feedback aid in mastering the material. The graph shows the grade distribution across several semesters of a large physics course; before the introduction of LON-CAPA in black and after the introduction in green. The error bars indicate fluctuations across semesters and instructors. A 4.0 is the best grade, and students would fail the course with a grade lower than 2.0. Online homework significantly reduced the percentage of students on the brink of failing the course, and significantly increased the percentage of students with a grade of 3.5 and 4.0.

Finally: compared to other online homework systems, LON-CAPA is free of charge for students; there is no semester fee for using the system.

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